Wild Horses!



Guess how many wild horses and burros you own?  Not 10 or 20 or 50, but thousands. Wow, that’s a lot of horses isn’t it?

Your thousands of horses do not live in one big group. They live in a family called a band with a mom, dad, brothers and sisters.

You live in a family and are also part of a neighborhood. Each band of wild horses lives with their family and are also part of a neighborhood called a herd. There are many families in your neighborhood just as there can be many wild horse bands in one herd.


Most of your wild horses live in the Western part of America on your public land.

The wild horses you own are like you in many ways. Wild horses are  smart, brave, strong and they love their families. Some like to run fast as the wind can blow, while some would rather walk. We play games like soccer and baseball outside at a place called a park.  Wild horses live and play on public lands.

Public lands are like a big park, but wild places like the wild horses are. Wild horses live where the deer, elk, badgers and mountain lions live. Public lands are beautiful. 


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