Letters From a 5th Grade Classroom; the voices for wild horses

Young people are amazing! The next generation speaks. We should all listen. We are getting lots of cards, letters, paintings and more. We will highlight more in the coming weeks.


A handprint painting of a wild horse by a 5th grade student named Iris!

A note from Pam Chandler, WHE Outreach volunteer:

All the letters were written in an art class at Providence Day School, Charlotte NC.
This was an art project by 5th grade students. They each wrote a letter and did a painting of a wild horse made from their hand print.
They did an incredible job !
Untitled 2
Beautiful bay from the hand of Ella!

You can make a handprint painting too! Just paint your palm with a non-toxic paint (ask a parent what paint to use). Press the palm to paper and begin to add a sky, the ground, a mane and tail!

Beautiful work that could make a great gift!

Thank you Adison for the wonderful wild horse!

The kids created letters too. We feature some in the slideshow below.

These are the voices of the future. We can not ignore them.

We will be bringing the letters received by WHE, and those sent to the wild horse Amado at Little Brook Farm, to Congress next year. You can learn more by clicking  HERE. 


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Thank you! America’s kids are amazing!