Dangers to Wild Horses, A Poem

10421532_852867781452258_6050901383751698692_n copyHorses are many colors black, white, brown and grey,

  you can sometimes hear them talking in the night or in the day.

They talk about the many dangers and really want to know,

   why are helicopters chasing them and flying so very low?

Why do helicopters bully them, which makes them scared and run,

   running in wide-eyed fear makes them hot as the noon sun.

Why do helicopters hunt for their family and make their babies run?

   Please leave them alone to live wild and free to play in the fields and sun.

Wild horses are rounded up then taken in trucks far, far away

   away from their home and their family they love, where they wanted to live and stay.


There is another big danger to your wild horses that is on the ground,

   miles and miles of barbed wire fencing on your public land can be found.

Barbed wire fencing is bad, bad, bad for your horse

   and it sometimes hurts them, very badly of course.

There is danger from cows hurting the water and land,

   they leave mud behind where clean water used to stand.

Your horses have less and less public land that is their home

   because big mines have moved in and cows are allowed to roam.

There is danger from big mining that needs huge roads and much land,

    so your horses are taken from their homes where they used to stand.

We want all of our wild horses to stay safe, wild and free,

   for they belong to ALL Americans, and to you and to me.


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