Kids Have A Voice!

Long before there was an internet kids helped protect wild horses. Click HERE to learn more.


The voices of children across the United States helped protect wild horses! A letter writing campaign helped created laws to protect them from being abused and killed.

In 1971 Velma Johnston was aided by children across the country. Velma was nicknamed “Wild Horse Annie.” The letters helped in the fight to protect our wild horses.

You can help wild horses today!

Did You Know That You Have Two Voices?

That sure sounds like a funny question doesn’t it? But you do have two voices, a speaking voice and a writing voice. With your speaking voice, most of you, can talk softly or loudly, shout or sing. You can use your voice to speak to family, friends, teachers, the principal, coaches and more. You can use your voice to be funny, kind, mean, loving or helpful.

Another voice you have is your writing voice. You can use your writing voice by writing a letter.

Did you know that you can write a letter to your Senators and Representative? When you write a letter to your two Senators and your Representative you are using your writing voice. Your writing voice is important and what you write is very important! You can help save your horses, burros and the public land that is their home.

If you want you can send us your letters, pictures and poems? We have an email address:

You can send them to a mustang named Amado! Amado has a friend named Fritz who brings messages to Senators and Legislators to help horses all over the country.




Have you ever read a book or seen a movie, where the main character has a horse or a burro? … and then thought to yourself how much fun and how cool it would be to own one? Well you do not have to wish for that anymore – you already do!  That’s right – you are an owner of our American Wild Mustangs and Burros – every single one of them! It doesn’t matter where you live – if it is in the city, on a farm, or on a beach! ​ You are a horse and burro owner.

You, your friends, your classmates, your family, every American – our wild horses and burros belong to us. Our Mustangs and Burros need your help, and they need your friends’ help too.  They need your help right now – today. They are hoping you will speak out for them by writing letters, to keep them protected from harm, and free to run on the range, their home.

Our wild horses and burros have a very special friend named Fritz who is ready to help you do this! Fritz is a miniature horse, and his best friend is a Mustang named Amado. Amado and Fritz live with other horses and Mustangs at a beautiful place named Little Brook Farm. Amado used to live in the wild on our public lands, the same public lands where our Mustangs and Burros live now. Some of the wild horses don’t live in their homes anymore and they also want to make sure that their Mustang and Burro friends who are no longer free on our public l​ands are also protected.

Amado and his wild crew at little Brook Farm are very concerned and very worried about all of our wild mustangs and burros so all the mustangs at Little Brook farm got together and made a plan! You see, they knew their buddy Fritz has experience talking to politicians and ​lawmakers​ – so Fritz told them he will get your letters to the ​lawmakers in​ Washington DC. Amado has his own mailbox so your letters can be sent directly to him and he is waiting and excited to hear from you.  Here is Amado’s address to send the letters your write to your Congressperson and Senator:

To:  Amado                                         

c/o Little Brook Farm            

  PO Box 127                                        

Old Chatham, NY 12136        

Post them on social media too and tag us, @WHEKids @WildHorseEducation and your Senators and Representatives. 

(note for parents: The resource to educate children on the structure of the US government and how to contact representatives was defunded and shut down in 2017. Parents will need to go to and search for representatives and their emails, mailing addresses if you want to send directly to your representatives.

This campaign will collects letters and feature them on this website, social media and present as a single package to all legislators)