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Thanks for stopping by to visit WHE Kids, we appreciate you being here.
Wild Horse Education has been an active participant in outreach that involves educating
America’s youth regarding our wild horses and burros that live on our public lands.

While the subject matter focusing on our herds can be sensitive by nature at times, we believe that empowering our youth in a positive and constructive environment is a worthy endeavor. Our children are the future, and their voice is a central and integral part of our country and the impact we citizens have on creating positive changes.
We hope that the sections provided in our site will provide valuable information and forum, for youth to participate in the current dynamics and dangers our wild horses and burros face today– the reality truly is that “we the people” and a united voice are greatly needed by our wild horses and burros.

Children want to help find ways to be part of a solution. This site will allow them to use their voice, passion and creativity to shine a light on wild horses and burro issues and to use the power of their enthusiasm to share, with others, what they learn here.
The information provided is intended to be a resource for a youth audience. We have created this campaign to inspire youth and provide them with a medium to start their journey not only to show support for our wild herds, but to also use this process as a guide and confidence builder in approaching other issues that are important to them. It’s never too early to learn that respectful and positive dialogue makes inroads to change.

It is the responsibility of the parent or educator to vet this site for appropriate age level use and content.

Have a question, or need more information? Many students make requests for information for reports or term papers. Need help?

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Your Friends at Wild Horse Education and WHE Kids

(note for parents: The resource to educate children on the structure of the US government and how to contact representatives was defunded and shut down in 2017. Parents will need to go to and search for representatives and their emails, mailing addresses if you want to send directly to your representatives.

This campaign will collects letters and feature them on this website, social media and present as a single package to legislators)