WHE Kids Team

WHE volunteers created this website as a resource for parents to use for children interested in America’s mustangs.

In 1971 children were a powerful force backing Velma Johnston, “Wild Horse Annie,” in her fight to preserve and protect wild horses and burros on public land for future generations. Todays children are part of those “future generations.” The decisions we make today about our environment must include the voices of those we leave our world to.

We are partnering with the great folks at Little Brook Farm. The new family of Amado, an amazing American Mustang. https://www.littlebrookfarmsanctuary.org/


Pam Chandler~~~~~~~

Pam Chandler, Outreach Volunteer

Pam grew up in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts where she began riding when she was in 3rd grade. It was her first horse Stormy, a Welsh pony, that started her life-long love of horses that now includes America’s wild horses. That little girl went on to get a degree in teaching from Lenoir Rhyne University, taught many years in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and has been a substitute teacher for a large private school for over 15 years.

“As an educator, I want to instill in others a love and passion for the learning process and for students to take what is learned and apply it responsibly to make our world a better place for current and future generations.”

Were very pleased to have Pam bring her amazing organizational and teaching skills to work for our wild horses and public lands.



RachelleAnne PicRachelle Anne

Rachelle has had the valuable and lucky experience to spend most of her life around horses. These life experiences have become her most profound education. With a university background focused in Anthropology and African studies, she spent time living in Kenya and transformed her schooling in to a marketing profession. With a natural interest in history and people, her professional choice was an easy fit that has now reached 27 years. Spending 90% of her time around horses has fine-tuned her instincts and she excels at sensing and problem solving different situations. With Rachelle’s horses, as in life, leaving a job unfinished is not an option. She brings a committed interest to Wild Horse Education by participating in, and being a part of a much larger and educated voice for our wild horses and burros and our public lands. While Rachelle’s role is mostly administrative, her dynamic energy, follow through and curiosity have proven invaluable. She continues to strengthen her knowledge within the quickly changing world our wild herds face today. She is excited to be a part of WHE’s volunteer team.

Horses, an immediate window and reminder to pay attention, to be aware in the moment, keep notice of your intent, and that most actions precipitate a reaction… it not only applies to horses but life in general.



MichelleShoaffMichelle Shoaff, Youth Programs Assistant for Wild Horse Education since February 2018

Michelle Shoaff, has a Master’s Degree and is a veteran teacher of 37 years in public school education. Ms. Shoaff has taught students with disabilities at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Ms. Shoaff has held positions as a Curriculum, and Program Evaluation Specialist, Assistant Principal, and Summer Camp Director. She excels at verbal/written communications, attention to detail, and is highly organized.




Laura Leigh is the President and Founder of Wild Horse Education. She is out on the range or working in meetings and on legal cases. Laura loads the web content and acts as a reference for the group of volunteers working on the kids campaign.

Laura writes for our other websites:


and http://PublicHorses.com